About Us

The International Wine Clubs Association (IWCA) is a trade association of companies specialised in D to C wine selling. The Association was founded in 1991 and currently has 20 members in 14 countries over four continents. IWCA members have a combined turnover of more than €850 million and sell over 10 million cases of quality wine annually to over 4 million active customers.

Membership is open companies specialising in DtoC wine sales covering importers, distributors, digital sellers and producers focussed on direct sales.

For more information on membership benefits and terms please contact us directly or fill in a membership form online.

Our Activities 

From 2022 we will hold one 3-day event each year located in wine producing regions across the globe. We will also hold several sessions via zoom in order to keep members connected and engaged. Our events aim to:

  1. Address key issues affecting the DtoC marketing and sales sectors including the latest developments in new technology, digital media and innovation.
  2. Keep abreast of ever-changing consumer behaviour and the impact on business strategies.
  3. Provide an inspirational and constructive forum for networking.
  4. Offer access to key players and specialists both in the wine and DtoC marketing sectors.

Membership benefits also include:

  1. Direct contacts with wineries and winemakers globally.
  2. Access to specific market research.
  3. Inter-member international news, briefings and information share.
  4. Privileged links with other international trade bodies i.e The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (UK).
  5. Adherence to a recognized and respected International Code of Best Practice.