Montpellier Workshop 9-11 May 2022: One-to-One

We sincerely hope that 2022 will be the year of real encounters, sharing of experiences and much glass clinking! Our 3-day workshop will be emcee’d by¬†internationally recognized author, university professor and management consultant, Jamie Turner who specialises in all things leadership, e-commerce and one-to-one marketing, In our first day session, Jamie will lead us through the experiences of the past few years and how they have affected consumers and businesses and they way they interact. On the second day, we will turn to the future and look at how we should be incorporating these learnings into our future strategies.

Interactions, sharing and friendships amongst our members will be privileged after such a long absence with amazing food and wine dining experiences, encounters with winemakers and a day out in the beautiful Languedoc vineyards.

Registration will open shortly. IWCA members will be contacted directly with details.

IWCA Draft Programme Montpellier 9-11 May 2022


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